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Bagelstein: France's Favorite Bagels
Non-smokers friendly
Quick Eats

Bagelstein - one of the most famous bagel shops in Paris, if not the most famous bagel shop around is now available by the dozen in Paris and beyond. I passed in front of six of their locations in only a few days... At Bagelstein, bagels are transformed into culinary delicacies. Tuna, salmon, chicken, pastrami, ham, cheese... You name it, all can be stuffed into those fine rolled circles while fresh crunchy vegetables make of them a complete meal.


Let's go in: with a bar to the left, start by placing your order. A welcoming waitress takes your order on wrapping paper. Continue by choosing the type of bread: plain, natural, sesame, topped with cheese, shallots, cereals, poppy seeds and others. The bagel is then cut in half and put in the rolling toasting oven. While you proceed to payment, the bagels are filled with the main ingredients then stuffed generously with fresh vegetables.

Look around, there's lots of interesting text that will make you smile: "consumption quantity is limited to 500 bagels per person per day". You can choose a fitness bagel. Avocado and cheddar are charged at 70cents. Espresso is 1€. If you buy a menu "Don't hesitate to ask us if you can pay later, we have a delicious way to refuse it". "This place is reserved for people with a compulsive disorder for those small pieces of bread with a hole in the middle."


While waiting to be served you cannot help but notice the mouth watering display of muffins, each shining gold and covered with rich ingredients. The chocolate and nut flavored one I tried is exquisite. I also tried the chocolate cookie, although a bit too hard, it’s tasty.

The menu: Bagels (Isidore, Hypolite, Henriette, leontine, Gab, Albertine), Nos menus, Nos bagels, Drinks, Breakfast.

Tasty bagels, fresh vegetables, good value for money, a pleasant welcoming, smiley staff... I love this brand.

The place looks like all Bagelsteins I’ve previously visited. Funny text decorates the tables and fridge, magazine covers add color to the walls and then the black motif which made the brand famous.

Loved the bagels' quality, tender and soft without being chewy. The quality of ingredients stuffed inside is fresh, juicy and and pleasantly aromatic. The vegetables are so fresh as if they were harvested minutes earlier.

I love it here...

Suitable For: Quick Eats





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