January 17, 2017

Barrat El Cadre: A Personal Video Story

24 hours a day is definitely not enough for someone that dynamic and ambitious, who consumes every bit of his time for a great purpose. Anthony Rahayel, mostly known as a food blogger, followed his hunch and refused to settle for just one career. Who said you have to pick just one anyway? www.unileb.com

How about you start the week with the food expert himself, Anthony Rahayel, in a new episode of "Barrat El Cadre". Produced by your truly, directed by Carl Haddad, project managed by Bob SamahaUNILEB, and Université Antonine - UA. Special thx to Joe Bou Jaoudé and Cynthia Kozah El Zein. Enjoy!

Université Antonine - UA- e-magazine

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