September 20, 2014

Beirut Beer: How it's Made

"Beirut", is a new beer that has just hit the market and surprisingly it's being talked about everywhere I go... and this is not forgetting their advertising campaign that has been catching everyone's attention lately... After visiting Beirut Beer's factory and understsnding every detail of the process, here is a beautiful documentary beautifully prepared taking you into the world of this maleted beverage.

Why Beirut, I ask? "Beirut for the name, Beirut for the city, Beirut because it represents everything, Beirut because we love our country." This is how Beirut beer was born. As you walk in, you'll notice the cleanliness of this stainless steel castle. Hundreds of meters of machinery, pumping like a heart with no employees walking around. To the right, the operating room, where technicians monitor every single detail of production from the complex machines sitting at the end of their fingers. Thousands of meters of stainless pipes, hundreds of taps, dozens of tanks, computers, boilers, the list goes on. You'll feel dizzy from trying to understand the details that surround you.


Now that I am satisfied knowing the details behind the process, I can assure you that Beirut beer hasn't been awaited for nothing. Some hard work is put inside each and every bottle. Taste it and give us your opinion.


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