January 14, 2020 Shouf Lebanon Middle East

Beauty & Emotions: "Maasser El Chouf"... Old Houses, Cedar Reserve & Authenticity!

A Traditional Village I'd Love to Live in One Day: "Maasser El Chouf". Old Houses, Cedar Reserve & Authenticity.

This village is situated on the edge of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve and is about 7 km from one of the oldest groves of cedar trees in Lebanon. Maasser is a traditional village with a town square, an old mill, an oak and pine forest, and two natural water sources. Recent archaeological studies revealed that Maasser was inhabited since the 4th century BC. The El Hosn ruins date back to the Roman era as evidenced by tombs cut in the rock. On the trail from Maasser to Moukhtara there is an ancient and deserted water mill dating back to the 16th century or before and an Ottoman bridge that links the two sides of the valley between Maasser and Botmeh. The Saint Michael church and convent are the two major religious monuments in Maasser. The convent has been renovated and converted into a bed & breakfast. Maasser also includes a guest house, wood cabins, and the Maasser Park House – headquarters of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve.


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