November 05, 2014 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Beirut Gourmet Week 2014

Gourmet Week, an event of Beirut Capital of Taste, is a week of celebration, taste and culinary adventure, introducing Lebanese to a world of culinary delights, flavors, and new experiences; Promoting culinary heritage and supporting local producers and artisans...etc.

Gourmet Week Restaurants 2014


Hotels, restaurants, food manufacturers, bakeries, pastry shops, gourmet shops, wineries, artisanal, schools, and universities, are all invited to participate in the Gourmet Week, by organizing:

  • Demonstrations (restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, school, universities and hotels)
  • Cooking Classes (culinary schools, chefs, restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, school, universities and hotels)
  • Site visits (wineries & food suppliers)
  • Restaurants Offers (restaurants and hotels)
  • Festivals (hotels)

Below is the complete schedule:

Gourmet Week 2014

The aim of Gourmet Week is to teach Lebanese about taste and to schedule for a whole week a series of activities, workshops and themed events that adhere to the values of this unique concept.

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