July 16, 2012

Beyond Sushi: A Vegetarian's Haven

A new concept has created a buzz around. Beyond Sushi created by Hell’s Kitchen contestant, Executive Chef, Guy Vaknin offers patrons an organic and unique alternative to traditional sushi that not only has a distinctive aesthetic appeal, but also promotes a natural diet with no added preservatives. Beyond Sushi opened its first place in New York this month.
Beyond Sushi’s menu boasts a multitude of vibrant and artistic sushi rolls and paper wraps filled with unrefined fruits and vegetables. The sushi rolls are wrapped with 6 grain and black Chinese forbidden rice and topped with customized tofu and veggie puree sauces to include jalapeno, wasabi, toasted cayenne, carrot, ginger, shitake, teriyaki, mango, chili, and white miso.
Beyond Sushi is your one stop shop to fast, nutritional, and convenient food perfect for a guilt free snack, a satisfying family dinner, or even for an upscale cocktail reception. Chef Guy’s favorite roll is Spicy Mang! Made with black rice, and filled with avocado, mango, English cucumber, and his special spicy vegetable mix. Fun names such as Pickle Me, The Haricat, and The Mighty Mushroom keep patrons wanting more. The Beyond Sushi concept was born after Chef Guy saw a missing link in the health food industry.
Guy quotes: “I wanted to offer consumers a wholesome, vitamin rich sushi roll, nixing the white rice and added sodium. I found that this product is perfect for pregnant women who cannot eat fish in their sushi and are bored with ordering mundane cucumber-­?avocado rolls with standard brown or white rice as well as for kids who don’t like fish in their sushi or just want to get their servings of fruits and veggies in a tasty way”. All rolls made with black rice are also gluten free friendly!
The store is constructed using recycled materials from the pre-­existing, 200 year old building, reflecting an earthy and natural feeling. The Beyond Sushi store portrays an organic shape with a stark white back drop, rustic woods, and accents of avocado green throughout the space. Pendant lighting gives off a warm and welcoming vibe while the raw concrete flooring and exposed brick wall modernize the space.
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