November 23, 2019 Paris France Europe

Bisou-Bisou; Fauchon's Iconic Red Lips Cake is Too Sweet
Sweet Tooth

An iconic symbol of the Fauchon company, with its delicate and sensual lines, this fruity creation brings freshness and indulgence... but it's not worth it.


It's expensive, it's gooey, it's sweet, it's too creamy... It's unpleasant to eat... It's not worth it!

Lying on a crispy crumble with sweet caramelized almond sparkles, they leave a strong sweetness in the mouth. The raspberry compote, too acidic and too strong, resting on a Madagascar vanilla soft biscuit that adds the crunch. It is topped off with a vanilla ganache and a "Fauchon blend" signature tea with citrus notes.

I read a lot about this dessert; I was expecting perfection but it's nothing like it.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth


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