June 26, 2014

Keep Calm and Carry On: Cocoa&Co's Cake for Her Majesty

It was an immense pleasure watching Hala Beydoun from Cocoa&Co as she artistically crafts this year's birthday cake for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England. Last year's cake was amazing and it's details were breathtaking. How was she able to outdo the success last year's cake received...? Well, the answer is simple, Hala is an artist and no artist runs out of creativity and ideas... and she proves just that with the well thought details on this cake... 


We ask Hala to tell us more about the cake...

The cake is made of 3 flavors: chocolate, carrot (HMA Tom Fletcher's favorite) and rainbow. It is decorated with edible Queen Elizabeth II stamps from different countries and eras. On the second tier, we hand-crafted Her Majesty from sugar paste wearing her famous multicolored suits. On the top tier we carved out her monogram and painted it gold with edible gold glitter sprinkles. And of course we included a British flag in the shape of a heart reflecting Her love of the country. And on top of the cake, we hand-sculpted and decorated Her Majesty on Her throne, sitting comfortably in all Her grandeur!! We are proud of you Hala and Happy Birthday to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who turns 88 this year.

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