June 12, 2018 New York USA Americas

Studio: A Happy and Creative Breakfast in New York
Non-smokers friendly
Coffee Talk

Phone Number: +1 (212) 475-1920

Address: 23 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10010, USA

Website: http://www.freehandhotels.com

Price Range: 200-500 $


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 10/10

Ambiance / Music: 10/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 29/30

Architecture / Interior: 10/10

Food presentation: 10/10

Service: 9/10

Value for money: 10/10

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I was here three months ago and still remember the warm hummus with beans, the avocado toast, and the positive vibes. Middle Eastern with touches of class inspired by the cuisines of the world, Studio is an unusual place serving unique creations prepared with love and attention. Passion is everywhere, the music, the decor, the waiters and the food!


Located on the first floor at Freehand, my stay during this visit to New York, the restaurant feels fresh, lit by a morning breathe of sunny spells on this beautiful Tuesday morning. It feels like the topics, a house in the jungle, light-colored wood and yellow lights accompanied by a handful of greenery and flower pots. Blue mugs, blue walls and several libraries, it’s all fresh around here.


The sourdough croissant, chocolate coffee babka and Persian love cake, three pastries to start my journey. An excellent chocolate cake, where layers of white and black interlace between sheets of emptiness keeping the cake light and airy. A crunchy envelop and strong notes of dark chocolate. The Persian cake feels like a lemon poppy seed cake or our Lebanese rose petal cake from the village or the "tarte alcazar" covered with jam and filled with crushed nuts. I loved the croissant, buttery and flaky without being chewy and heavy.


I couldn’t but order the hummus and eggs again; hummus and eggs was a premiere for me, served warm with hot beans. For the first one I felt that someone managed to elevate local middle eastern ingredients to a gourmet level. Today’s version is different, pees hummus with two poached eggs on top. A creamy green mix, crunchy fresh pees, two poached eggs and minced merguez meat in the middle. An explosion of flavors,  from spicy to sweet, peppery and floral with olive oil bathing around the plate. Try the bread, it’s amazing. That’s what we call as innovative! I believe there is an army of artists behind this concept.


A surprise came next: the Persian frittata made of a Meli-Melo of several ingredients, mix and fried. A juicy finish where cheese, eggs and a load of greens on top come together to impress. It’s a plate created to play with your senses from start to end, caressing your nostrils, tickling your palate and impressing your eyes. Two thumbs up chefs!


At Studio, from so is not simply food, it’s much more than a meal but a journey around the hidden secrets of the east. It’s my second visit and surely not the last. Thank you for drawing a smile on my face on this beautiful sunny day.

Suitable For: Coffee Talk





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