February 02, 2015

Warm Cake, Caramel and Crunchy Walnuts… A Must Share Experience!

The Pain Perdu at Gordon's Café is heavenly. It is just as good as the first time I tried it.  A round piece of bread, carefully and lightly slacked in milk, warm and fluffy and covered with a mountain of walnuts… with all the secrets in between. It is simply breathtaking. 


An airy bun, served warm, adequately sweet and enjoyably fluffy and most importantly you don’t feel the buttery, milky or ‘eggy’ taste.

A scoop of vanilla ice cream tops the whole gem. Covered with crunchy walnuts…the marriage of cold and warm is impeccably delicious.

On the side, warm caramel sauce is served. Pour some and let the “yum” journey of  starts…


It's a sight to look at and enjoy. Turn the plate around, admire its golden color, look at those shiny walnuts, and watch the caramel flow slowly on the round plate. Then close your eyes. A cold feel caresses your palate while the walnuts explode with every crunch in your mouth. The sweetness then takes over… the caramel is perfect... Take a deep breath while every bite melts like butter… I could go on and on… 

A must try...

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