January 30, 2017 San Francisco California USA Americas

Blue Barn San Francisco: Delicious Food I Recommend!
Non-smokers friendly
Healthy Treats

Salads and sandwiches, a salad bar and bags of chips, the Blue Barn is a tiny little place that looks like a country barn, that sells everything fresh... They take their time in preparing things, and they tell you that...


The restaurant has two long counters and a couple high tables. I loved the simple decor, the thick wooden beams, the farm inspired wooden fittings and the well stocked salad bar.

What's on the menu: 10 salads, 14 Sandos (sandwiches) and grilled cheese sandwiches. You can create your own salad by choosing the protein of choice, the greens and the dressing as well as six fixings.

I ordered the "Fattouch" and the Rooster chicken sandwich.


This salad is an occidental take of our local Fattouch. A loaded bowl of Roma lettuce, cooked chickpeas, shredded red onions, white cheese, cherry tomatoes and sliced cucumbers. What makes all the difference is the sauce, the champagne sumac sauce that adds a boost of flavor. I loved the freshness of this salad - the crunchy fried bread, the black olives and everything else that comes in it. Recommended! I agree that this is the best Fattouch I've had outside our country.

The sandwich is exceptional, a simple yet innovative sandwich that's balanced, generous and enjoyable. I loved the crunchy bread, the cheese slices, the thin tomatoes, the avocado and the end note of spiciness. It might not be the most sophisticated sandwich ever but I personally fell in love. 

I fell in love with the food. I waited more than fifteen minutes to eat and I'm happy I did. Slow, yet the food is cooked with utmost dedication where every ingredient adds value to the final preparation. 

I will recommend this restaurant to my friends visiting San Francisco.

Suitable For: Healthy Treats





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