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Breakfast at The Ritz Carlton, Berlin
Morning Delights Coffee Talk

Phone Number: +49 30 337777

Address: Potsdamer Platz 3, 10785 Berlin, Germany


Price Range: 250-450 $

You will get the feeling that you're in a French bakery in Paris as you walk into for breakfast in The Ritz Carlton, Berlin. French music, metal chandeliers and wooden chairs... You will find beautiful displays of candy jars and bread baskets. 


Warmth grabs you inside the bakery. Noise, lots of it, plates, spoons, forks, coffee cups and metal that come together like an orchestra, people speaking and shouting, plates filled to the top and the open kitchen preparing those beautifully looking plates of eggs, crepes and waffles. 

Every detail counts. The coffee corner where "coffee" is written on the wall or "good ideas begin with a good coffee" painted on the library in white chalk. The drawers opened and filled with mini jars of jam, the old meat slicer or the main table of a dozen baskets showcasing many bread choices.


The selection is endless:

  • One table has cereals and fruits with yogurt and nuts.
  • Coffee and milk occupy the right side corner.
  • Bread takes the middle island.
  • Cheese, a large selection of it, with another display of cereals.
  • Facing the kitchen are sausages and bacon with two plates of salmon.


I tried to eat a bit of everything:

  • The Eggs Benedict is not their strong point. Two English muffins are topped with ham -we were not asked if we prefer ham or salmon- and poached eggs. Extremely oily eggs covered with a yellow, dry sauce, maybe hollandaise that lacks juiciness. More sauce is surely needed and there should be less oil. They're acceptable, but not great.
  • Fresh fruits, a selection of cheese, a flaky croissant and much more.


It is so noisy that we decided to have breakfast on the 10th in the club lounge the next morning. Up there we tried the waffles, crepes and viennoiseries and all were very good.

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