December 26, 2015 Germany Europe

The Ritz Carlton Berlin Club House

Phone Number: +49 30 337777

Address: Potsdamer Platz 3, 10785 Berlin, Germany


Price Range: 250-450 $

Ask or be upgraded to the club level and you're in for a treat. It's a complete floor 10 levels up with a beautiful view of Berlin's streets, the Sony Centre and the Marriott. The Club House has a private salon where coffee and complementary drinks are served all day.


So the Club House is much more important that having a normal room. As we arrived to check in we were immediately invited to the 10th floor. A leather saloon, drinks and an office to prepare your stay. On this same floor are the rooms which form part of the club level.

At the Club House you get to have snacks and drinks with complementary light lunches and dinners, iPad for Internet browsing, classical music, a luxurious service and drinks, a wide selection of them.

Breakfast is served in the morning, coffee and drinks all day and light snacks for dinner. The second day, we decided to try their breakfast.

Breakfast has less choice than down below but is enjoyed noise-free. Classical music plays in the background in this luxurious space covered with fluffy carpets and dark shiny wood. The buffet offers grilled tomatoes and bacon, six kinds of viennoiseries, salmon, cheese and ham. Fruits and a fruit salad with more than 12 choices of cereals and dried fruits. Jam, Nutella and butter with fresh fruits and a coffee machine.


Service in here is different, personalized and joyful. 

The chef, different from the one down below in the main breakfast restaurant, creates a master piece, Eggs Benedict with a certain style, a signature dish that I devoured completely. An English muffin buttered and grilled, served warm and crispy, light and fluffy is topped with one single poached egg filled with watery egg yolk. The mix is topped with hollandaise sauce and covered with another muffin. The sauce is flavorful and different from the one down below which was dry and overcooked. The English muffin is not oily and the taste is just perfect. Bravo chef. 

The next morning I ordered crepe and waffles. Thin, lightly chewy crepes with maple syrup and red fruits as well as the waffles, three chunks of them with maple syrup and red fruits. Those thick crunchy and sweet waffles condensed and full bodied, oval in shape and toasted on the sides. I loved them. 


Enjoyed the calm on the 10th floor so much that I decided to visit again the next morning. Upgrading to the club level is worth it.





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Breakfast at The Ritz Carlton, Berlin


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