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10 Favorite Spots: New York's Best Breakfast Experiences
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I can't get enough of New York... I have been there probably a six or seven times already in less than a year; and each 10-day trip is a full food experience challenge… I have tried enough pastrami sandwiches, cookies, burgers and desserts to feel the nostalgia of this city that moves so fast. Surely there’s more to discover and more to enjoy, but for the meantime, I think I've discovered enough places to give you my Top10 list of breakfast places to satisfy your taste buds in the Big Apple. Visiting New York, check out the best breakfast spots around the city.

Breakfast at The Four Seasons Hotel New York Left Me Speechless!

What an amazing place! It's a dream hotel called Four Seasons New York. Words are not enough to describe my fascination for this hotel - fabulous decor, superb welcoming, very professional service... And an outstanding breakfast experience! Welcome to the Four Seasons Hotel of New York City, a recommended place for breakfast... It's a place where I can guarantee will cure your stress and inject you with a dose of happiness!


Breakfast at the St. Regis New York: The Best Ever!

When you walk into the St. Regis hotel, you understand the real meaning of luxury... You're transported into another dimension in this five star palace... I was in love the minute I reached the reception. I enjoyed walking around surrounded by the beautiful decor inspired by centuries past.


Breads Bakery: New York's Best Bread and Extravagant Croissant

Your journey starts before you even walk in. Stop at Breads Bakery window and gaze at a tray of rolled chocolate croissants. Inside is a big bakery, not a fancy one, but a bread specialist where majestic bites are created. You will find a counter for bread and another for sandwiches and coffee. Order and take a seat.


Breakfast at The Smith New York

I like it here, I like their food, the mood, the vibes, the smooth decor and loud music. I've been here for dinner and now am back to experience breakfast at one of New York's famous eateries, The Smith. Under a wooden ceiling and with a view onto the busy street ahead, I sat to indulge in some eggs and pancakes.


Clinton St. Bakery New York: My Heaven, My Place!

After the big disappointment of Financier, I had to have a good breakfast! They say Clinton St. Bakery is one of the best. The place was opened in 2001 by owners who had the dream of creating the best baked goods in New York City. New York magazine votes their blueberry pancakes to be the best, while "Lonely Planet" says it is the best breakfast place in New York.


Maialino: The Best Pancakes I've Ever Had!

Although I have had breakfast in several places during my trip to New York, Maialino is definitely different. It is a long rectangular space decorated with wooden shapes, a bar at the entrance, wood parquet and rugged leather chairs... It's a relaxing space where the lights are dimmed and the vibes are all fresh and positive. 


A Soothing Breakfast in New York at Penelope

Penelope comes highly recommended as you search for one of the best breakfasts in New York... after a whole night suffering from jet lag, I was craving some eggs. They say Penelope is a local favorite that offers comfort food. Walk in for enticing smells, soothing music, dimmed lights... I felt good as soon as I walked in.


Buvette: Breakfast Ecstasy in New York

Famous for their breakfast, I planned to visit Buvette on this beautiful sunny yet cold Saturday morning in amazing New York. A lively place with French notes and natural sunlight, Buvette welcomes you for breakfast, lunch and dinner in their small but vibrant cafe.


Lafayette New York: Stylish Eggs Benedict and Heartwarming Pancakes

A Parisienne cafe welcomes you in the heart of New York, a place close to Balthazar serving some good food in a French ambiance. While French music plays in the background, sit on one of their leather benches and enjoy their amazing pancakes and exceptional eggs Benedict.


The Park South Hotel New York: An Enjoyable Stay and Awesome Breakfast!

What do you expect from a four star hotel? Nothing less than professionalism, a warm welcome, a relaxing stay, a comfortable bed and a delicious breakfast. The Park South Hotel has it all... I appreciated the size of the room, enjoyed the neighborhood it is located in and most importantly slept soundly in the bed. I rarely have the feeling in hotels that I am sleeping as comfortably as I do at home.


Balthazar: French Vibes in New York

One of my favorite French restaurants today is definitely Balthazar. I first tried their French finesse in London and was so happy to have had the chance to try the one in New York. Amazing food, the real French know how, beautiful soothing music, dimmed lights and other small details transports you to the golden age of the French capital. The place is enchanting so is their food and experience.


Breakfast at The Marriott Essex House NYC: The Best Eggs Benedict!

Southgate Bar & Restaurant, located at New York's Marriott Essex hotel, offers a variety of unique, delicious flavors in an upscale yet inviting atmosphere. When all of New York knows about this place, you expect to enjoy a different kind of breakfast and that was just what happened.


Max Brenner: A Chocolate Shop on Broadway

From the outside, it looks like a normal chocolate shop, but open the door and be amazed, enter Willy Wonka's secret factory where chocolate passes in tubes above your head, where every corner is full of chocolate and chocolate chips decorate all the walls. 


Spending the week in New York, now you know where to start.

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