March 26, 2019 Lebanon Middle East

Nell Cooks' Cinnamon Rolls: Homemade and Filled with Love
Sweet Tooth

When Nell bakes cinnamon rolls, the result will draw a smile on your face. Made with love and baked with passion, the rolls are like nothing you've had before. Probably inspired by the American commercial rolls made famous by Cinnabon and Cinnzeo, Nell Cooks' rolls are lighter, contain less sugar and less fatty. Enjoy their sweetness, kick of cinnamon and molten heart that will make your heart skip a beat.


Other than that, Nell created another version of her rolls with a Lebanese touch: "The Zaatar Rolls". Made in Lebanon using Lebanese ingredients and filled with traditional Lebanese zaatar; It's a Manouche 2.0


Heat them for 30 seconds, add Labneh on the side, tear them with your hand, dip in and enjoy. They melt under your teeth, explode their flavors, caress your tongue and make you feel good. I love these rolls which have become a family signature we enjoy again and again every other week.


Nell Cooks: 

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth


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