December 09, 2013

Bring Apple Picking Experience Indoors

Mimicking the action of apple-picking, USA-based designer David Saldoff has designed a unique apple holder for the urban environment.


His design, which he calls “Newton”, is inspired by his childhood... Bringing the joy of apple picking indoors... 1 When I was a kid I asked my parents for an apple tree. They, being kind and generous people, obliged my request and, in the early Spring, had a young tree planted in the backyard. I was beyond excited! I imagined myself playing in the backyard and instead of going inside to get a snack I could just run over to my tree and pick an apple. 3 The following Autumn my dream became a reality and the joy of apple picking has been in my life ever since. NEWTON takes the apple picking experience and makes it accessible to everyone by bringing it inside. 4
Categories: Food Gadgets


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