October 23, 2020

Burger Kings Introduces Reusable Packaging

Starting in 2021, Burger King will partner with Loop to pilot reusable containers for your to-go staples. New York City, Portland, and Tokyo will be the first to have access with more cities planned to follow. Burger King is planning to test reusable containers starting next year as part of its efforts to reduce waste. 


From reusable sandwich containers for the Whopper ® to beverage cups for soft drinks and coffee - this is the brand's first step in going zerowaste.

As reported on CNN: The trial is part of a partnership with TerraCycle's zero-waste delivery platform, Loop. Customers can opt in for reusable packaging for menu items such as sandwiches, soft drinks and coffee. They can then return the reusable sandwich container or beverage cup to Burger King restaurants to be cleaned and reused.

But for those who participate, the program comes with a cost: Customers will be charged a small deposit upon purchase, and once the packaging is returned, they'll receive a refund.


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