February 02, 2015 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Burger King's New Chicken Wraps are Out

The last time I stepped into Burger Kind was a decade ago... Now, with the launch of their new chicken wraps, I headed down to Burger King Zalka for an update on their offerings.


As part of a worldwide initiative, Burger King recently introduced criscuts, as well as their new French fries, which we both mentioned in our news section a while ago.

Burger King Zalka has changed, a new design and decor has taken over the place. Brown tiles that look like wood cover the floor, a dark black and red design with write ups in stainless steel highlighting the sign and logo. Brown and beige leather sofas line the walls, while black marble effect tables fill in the space with red and black chairs.

We tried the wraps. The fried wrap is a soft tortilla shell wrap filled with fried chicken alongside lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and mayonnaise. The chicken is very good, but the vegetables and mayonnaise were too cold. A fulfilling sandwich that’s nice in texture with an interesting salty touch to it…  


The new fries are different than the old ones. A crunchy envelope which is warm with an interesting salty aftertaste. They feel more Lebanese... but unfortunately they lack the flavor of the old fries. These are more crispy and fried in grease. The criscuts are nice though: Thick cuts of potato, airy and light, crunchy and crispy, oil-free and enjoyable. They are  good.


The grilled chicken is even better than the fried one. A juicy wrap with better texture, nothing is cold, nothing is too crispy, tender meat and a good dose of cheese melting throughout the wrap. I enjoyed the tomatoes and the lightly salty effect. 


I recommend the grilled option more than the fried one.

The ‘special of the month’, ‘the king of the month’ is a new strategy Burger King will be implementing for the months to come. Starting with the wrap, expect more special items in the near future.





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