May 04, 2015

Cadbury Creates Chocolate Pram to Celebrate Birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Cadbury World creates a chocolate pram to celebrate the arrival of the royal baby, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.


As news came out that the Duchess of Cambridge was about to go into labour, Cadbury's chocolatiers went to work, creating a delicious-looking pram to welcome the new princess.

Weighing more than 12kg, the pram contains a mouth-watering 10kg of Cadbury Dairy Milk and a further 2kg of white chocolate. It has intricate hand-piped decorations including fleur-de-lys symbols and a crown finished with gold lustre. It comes with a handmade chocolate teddy bear with a pink ribbon.

The edible pram is just one of a series of chocolate masterpieces scheduled to be made this year, as Cadbury World celebrates its 25th anniversary. The pram stands at just under half a metre tall and took two days to make. It will be on display at Cadbury World’s chocolate-making zone throughout May.

I wouldn't mind having a bite off this pram...

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