May 29, 2014

Caviar Box: A Never Seen Product

Kaviari house launches a new concept never seen before on the market: the Caviar Box. A chic and delicious idea for the amateurs of refined pleasures! caviar-box1

The Caviar Box is comes with a small fact sheets allowing to know Kaviari and its products. Following your subscription, you’ll monthly receive a casket containing a box of 20 grams of caviar of white sturgeon, another Kaviari sea product (crab meat, salmon’s heart, smoked halibut …), a recipe based on caviar and items liked to the Art of the table.

Avec la caviar box, tous les mois c'est caviar: Conçue claque mois autour d'une recette de saison, la Caviar Box contient 20g d'esturgeon blanc, un produit de la mer Kaviari et des objets d'art de la table. C'est le cadeau idéal pour s'initier au caviar ou pour apprendre à le cuisiner de différentes façons.


The Caviar Box is a new way to learn about caviar, how to cook it and how to savor its woody flavors. Only for the most adventurous gourmets eager to discover new sensations ! A delight.

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