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Cedar's Hummus: Lebanese Quality in America

Here’s a Lebanese product with American roots – Cedar’s Hummus, produced in Boston, makes traditional hummus that comes in many flavors and varieties. Showcasing the best traditions of our country, Cedar’s Hummus are freshly ready made hummus packed in plastic boxes and stored in the fridge, ready to be devoured with their sesame or pita chips.


I surely wasn't expecting to be eating hummus in Chicago and I'm glad I did. I met Elie, who tells me about Cedar's, a company he has been managing for some time now. Cedar's has made it to top, as one of the best companies producing Hummus in the Unites States and distributing it to other states including California.

Today, Cedar’s can be found from coast to coast, and everywhere in between. What began as a local success is now one of America’s Best Tasting Hommus. Cedar’s has expanded from Hommus to many other new product lines, including an array of Fresh Mediterranean Salads, Salsa, Pita Chips, Wraps, Tzatziki, and Greek Yogurt based Dips.


As mentioned before, their hummus comes in various flavors, including the original classic, Srirasha, garlic, pineapple and jalapeño, garlic kale, balsamic caramelized onion, roasted red pepper, roasted pine nuts and much more.

You’ll find small and large boxes, some with green covers, yellow or orange ones, as well as pink and the signature green one that's half transparent to see the filling.


They are simply amazing; hummus that's firm in consistency, perfect to dip in, full of flavor, lightly lemony, a bit of tahini and the flavor of choice. Each one has a different color – all yellow based, with bits of flavors. Don't miss their Wasabi hummus, Artichoke spinach or one of my favorites the tomato basil.

With that this company produces a spinach dip, tzatziki dip and a couple salads. Eat them with their crunchy fresh chips, one with pita, and another with sesame and the third with hummus. I loved the sesame bread chips that's crunchy and non salty that tastes perfectly with the hummus - just dip in and enjoy.

Hummus is proudly Lebanese and some managed to produce an exact copy of the one we eat in Lebanon. Cedar's is a brand to look out for in fridges of supermarkets in the United States.

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