October 27, 2021

Celebrating 300,000 Subscribers on Youtube

After nine years of hard work, 2,855 videos published, 117,212,383 views later, NoGarlicNoOnions account on Youtube reached its third and important milestone on August 25th, 2021. Remembering a great achievement I'm proud of! I've been proudly promoting Lebanon to the world, speaking the Lebanese language, and traveling the world searching for the best Lebanese success stories around the globe. Check out more videos on YOUTUBE.

All of this Thanks to You... Together we will reach the stars.

200,000 Achievement on August 23rd 2020

The story started in 2014 with the “#Mechwar” TV show. 2 years ago, in August 2019, we celebrated 100,000 subscribers with you on YouTube; on that day I took the challenge to double the effort and improve the quality of my videos for the world to discover Lebanon, and its heroes differently. Lebanon’s food, hidden gems, unique villages, tourism, heroes, beauty, and amazing people. Thanks to your continuous support, love, and trust, last year we passed together 200,000 Subscribers. A year passed while publishing an average of three videos a day, daily live broadcasts, launching the channel memberships, starting #kolwta3me initiative followed by #MenKelLebnen and the story continues with weekly new discoveries and stories.

Thank you! Again and again... I promise to always be up to your expectations in showing the true Lebanon as not seen on TV to the world. #A7laBaladBel3alam #Lebanon

100,000 Subscribers achieved in August 2019

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