June 15, 2017 Tripoli North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Changing the World's View... Uniting Lebanon... From Tripoli!

We're halfway through Lebanon's most challenging and exciting event: Souk el Akel, Ramadan Edition, at KHAN EL ASKAR.

Pounding with colors, life and happiness, Souk el Akel, Ramadan Edition, at KHAN EL ASKAR is taking place between June 9 and June 18 in the heart of North Lebanon, Tripoli. Over 35 stands offering local and international food bites as well as exclusive mouthwatering treats for everyone to come try and enjoy… 


The Souk el Akel family is feeling proud. 

The night is always young and the historic Khan el Askar is going strong.

Opening at Ifar and ending at Shour, Khan el Askar is quickly swarmed with people from all over Lebanon coming to be a part is a once in a lifetime in event. Half way through, statics show that over 1500 people are coming from four corners of the country to be a part of history in the making… at a location that has witnessed history… witnessed the march of soldiers from the Ottomans to the French...

Anywhere your eyes look, there is something happening in every corner of this . Entertainment includes story telling, music, tawlet, tarab, dancers, trick-tracks and much more. Pick a lounge or sofa, sit and enjoy your night away surrounded with true Lebanese history, happy faces, and tradition… a part of history is revived and happiness is felt every where you look…

The structure and arches of this old time structure are feeling happy again…. We are happy to see the excitement in our vendors faces, the sparkle in all the kids eyes, the joy all our visitors are experiencing. We are happy to witness life and happiness in a forgotten place in history… in a city full of life…

Uniting Lebanon... Join us in making this dream come true!

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