January 28, 2018 Tripoli North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Mike’s Pub: Happy Moments with Friends at El Mina, Tripoli
Out with the Guys

At the end of Mino, Al Mina’s nightlife hub, Mike’s Pub welcomes you for a drink with sweet music and a movie, enjoying the hidden side of this beautiful city. At Mike’s it’s even more than that, enjoyable drinks and a kaaka! For the first time, I discovered how great it is to have a smoked cheese and turkey kaaka with your Margarita drink.


Meet Wahab, the owner who creates personally every single drink in style; with such dexterity, he plays with his bottles, caresses the glasses, filling them with the exact amount of ice and liquid needed. Balanced aromas and flavors, an eye candy presentation, everything to make customers happy enjoying the show and the tasty drink that comes with it.

Try the kaaka: two kinds of cheese, one smoked and another shredded, one for the elasticity and one for the flavor. With that several slices of thinly cut turkey together in a traditional kaaka which is toasted to perfection. 


Good music, good food; Mike’s Pub is a place to be.

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