March 06, 2019 Tripoli North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Warche 13: A Cultural Cafe in El Mina Tripoli, Inviting For Exchange of Ideas

Tripoli is a city teeming with a strong Lebanese heritage and traditional Middle Eastern culture. Though it is best known for its richness in the old tradition, new concepts are quickly making their way to this northern city—like the café and artistic hub, Warche 13.


Bringing people together in a bistro & common space for events. Warche 13 hosts cultural events, music, poetry, board games, movie nights, discussions, & art events. People can enjoy quality time! Warche 13 invites users of the space to work and mobilize society through arts, also engaging artist in social development and networking. Warche 13 has a Monthly calendar (exhibitions, workshops, cultural agenda).


Warche 13 creates a network for all creative forces offering a vibrant space for exchange.

The laid-back vibe, modern paintings and artsy décor in Warche 13 immediately set it apart from your typical Tripoli café. There is a constantly rotating art gallery on display, cushions strewn about, and often a guitarist strumming away in a corner. At its most basic level, Warche 13 is a restaurant and café. Its menu features items ranging from organic yogurt to bagels to pesto paninis, and freshly brewed coffee is served all day long. (Lebanon Traveler)

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