April 17, 2020

A Message from Khaled... A Message of Hope... I Believe in Lebanon!

I woke up to this message, written by Khaled on Instagram. It's touching and worth thinking about. Please read and remember Lebanon... Thank you Khaled for believing in my mission.


Hi Anthony, I just want to thank you for all of your work, you can't imagine how inspiring they are.

I've been for the last four years living abroad, and its impossible to describe my feelings about coming back to Lebanon. I live in Germany, considered to be one of the most evolved countries, here you find everything, clean streets, technology, health system, etc. but there are a lot of things Anthony that remain missing. Aside from family and missing your parents, I miss Lebanon like never before, the food, the belonging, the warmth, the chaos, the breakfasts, the gathering, the life, love, origin, its something I can't find only in the videos you make.

I'm just waiting for my name on the one way back to Lebanon flight list; I just want to close my eyes and be in my home, sitting around the food table, with all the relatives around, feel everything living again. Lebanon is the most living thing we truly have; I'm sorry that they don't know its worth, but believe me 4 yrs, and I'm eager to go back and start all over again.

It's never too late to believe again in our country, we can still decide, be inspired, hold on to our loving country, believe in us, it and we shall try again to upgrade it. Every time I watch your videos, I feel the belonging, and I feel sad that I'm not there until I decided to go back, I'm just that close going back; the idea itself gives me that goosebumps.

Anthony, you've always tried to address the Lebanese living abroad, you've always asked them to return or to stay in Lebanon. For this reason, PLEASE go live Instagram or any platform, talk to the audience that in these times they're alone, frustrated, eager to the reunion. Still, they can't, talk with them, give them your magic, tell them how Lebanon needs them, wait for them, give them hope, friends of mine are stuck in Italy for two months, tell every Lebanese how Lebanon is beautiful, tell them about Lebanon you feel; you eat, you see, we still need you right now, believe me, that you inspire us, you give us patience, I do like your hop on videos and food.

Too, but now we need your Lebanon is the best land, most beautiful country, tell them why, tell them how to live it, what to enjoy, I've been for 30 years living in Lebanon, been everywhere. Still, the way you see it I never saw it the same as if I was never fortunate the place, time, I never enjoyed the scenery, the food, the Momentum, and that's because I thought that Europe is the right destination, I thought Europe is the paradise. Still, it seemed that I was in paradise; however, I never recognized.

Inspiring: I hope you read my messages and ANNOUNCE a live program on Instagram during quarantine ahead of time, we need this, we are all together in this

Thanks a lot and big kisses to your family.



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