August 12, 2013

Celebrating Eclair and Culture with Fauchon

Building on its success, Eclairs weekend is set to become Eclair Week from 3 to 7 September 2013, for an entire week dedicated to signature FAUCHON pastries. In its Place de la Madeleine store in Paris, FAUCHON invites you to discover for the very first time in France its collection of éclairs designed in the Middle East and Asia by locally based pastry cooks. The House of FAUCHON is also re-creating 27 of its star recipes especially for the occasion. Chocolate-Eclair-Show-2013 As an ambassador of French culinary culture, since 1972 – the date when its first store opened in Japan – Fauchon has been exporting its «Made in F» -Made in FAUCHON, Made in France- know-how throughout the world. From Morocco to Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, and onto Japan, its signature pastry, the éclair has achieved international renown. FAUCHON chefs, Nicolas Jambert for Japan, and Philippe Morbelli in the Middle East, are busy developing new recipes inspired by local cultures and traditions. In this way, The Wave depicted by renowned Japanese painter Hokusai describes an éclair made with light vanilla cream and Echiré semi-salted butter, which is to Japan what the éclair Joconde (Mona Lisa) is to France. The Koinobori éclair was created for Children’s Day, celebrated every year in Japan on 5 May, when families fly streamers made from brightly coloured fabrics in the shape of a carp. It is decorated with light vanilla cream, strawberry for the pink version and blueberry for the blue version, all topped with a white chocolate shell. Eclair_week_700x400_EN And in the Middle-East, the opening of every new Fauchon store represents an opportunity to design an éclair inspired by local tradition: in Casablanca, the éclair is flavoured with orange flower, Dubai’s offering showcases the date while Kuwait’s éclair is dedicated to the fig. For the first time, Japanese éclairs and those inspired by 1001 Nights will be displayed alongside new versions of classic French pastries, rebranded as the Eclair Saint-Honoré, Eclair Joconde, Eclair Paris Brest, Eclair Caramel beurre salé (Salted butter caramel) etc.
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