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Chateau Des Oliviers: An Old Villa in the Heart of North Lebanon

We often talk about big cities like Paris, London, Milan, New York... and challenge each other to the most interesting places we discovered... Let's stop for a second here... have we done our homework in our own country before searching elsewhere? Lebanon truly has wonderful touristic places. Some are modern, some are old  - but each has a story to tell. I decided to go searching for some interesting little boutique hotels and I found some places hidden around our 10452 sqkm. This one is called Chateau Des Oliviers.
Reach Tripoli, and before arriving to the downtown area, take a right to access the region of Behsas. Continue up the road to Ras Maska next to Bou Khalil supermarket by following Haykal Hospital signs. A hundred meters after Haykal Hospital, take a left where Le a Chateau des Oliviers known as Villa Nadia is located. A region in the Tripoli district.
During the early eighties, Nadia, transformed her own house into a hotel. Recently being refurbished, Chateau Des Oliviers has kept its original spirit yet updating it to welcome new comers, locally and from abroad.
Park your car and walk through the arcade covered with trees, then through a small alley separating the road from the hotel's door. Behind it, a huge salon, divided into various section, with a 'diwan' salon in the middle. Greeting you at the entrance is a bronze statue of a Medieval Soldier-at-Arms. From there you enter into a succession of salons designed in French, English, Chinese, Spanish Ottoman and Oriental styles. The latter is furnished in a style that will transport you in the era of the Arabian Nights. Then, you enter into the elegantly appointed and spacious dining room.The place is  filled with more sculptures and furniture than your eyes can imagine. I took a deep breath and started walking around to discover each and every corner this unique space hides. Take a minute to look up at the ceiling, a fascinating work of wood art...
Calm and serenity take over this place where a homey feeling accompany you during your entire stay. A huge villa hosting four floors with a total of 17 rooms. Each room is uniquely decorated with it's own number and name. On the roof, around the bar and a TV is a place overlooking Downtown Tripoli and the sea, a lounge/bar where more than thirty persons can fit in to enjoy a cigar while sipping some cool drinks.
Strolling in the wings of the château, you come across many contrasting works of art and oriental antiques, set off by the central high ceiling of inlaid wood and gold, a work of art dating back to the 15th century.
The hotel is being restored and renovated completely and should be done by the end of the year.
The place described:
  • Behind the door is a large saloon built around an old lebanese (Fakhr el din) style sofas around a fountain
  • Sculptures, diplomas, paintings and pieces of art are everywhere
  • Look at the different seats, each from a different era. Arabesque or from the French monarchy, every person will enjoy a corner
  • A long lobby, or another saloon to be more specific is nested on the left
  • A reception desk on the left in the first saloon where the piano is located
  • The dining area, to the right where lunch and dinner are served
  • Crystal chandeliers pending from the ceiling
  • A chimney at the very left end with its 50inch screen next to it
  • The most important part is the ceiling. Make sure to look up and contemplate the designs imported from Syrian castles dating 700 years
Important to know:
  • Le Chateau des Oliviers is a Boutique hotel: prices are between 110$ -200$
  • A bed and breakfast formula
  • Breakfast is served between 08:30-10:30am
  • There is no buffet but a set served for every couple
  • Organised tours of tripoli are taken care off
  • Tiro five minutes away
  • Bnach3eh lake lunch and pedalo
Some side activities are offered in here:
  • Up to 30 persons seminars can be organised
  • Rotary Koura and tripoli meet on a weekly basis
  • Pub resto can host up to 120 persons, in the basement
Hotel and room Amenities:
  • Empty fridge
  • AC installed in every room
  • Room service
  • Bathroom amenities
  • Jacuzzi in some of the rooms
  • Pool
  • Free internet in the lobby and paid in the rooms
  • Nile sat receivers in every room
  • A large garden can accommodate events and wedding parties
Destinations around:
  • Tripoli (3 min) Old city, Castle of St. Gilles, Taynal mosque and other ancient mosques, Tailor’s Souk, El-Mina port
  • Hamat (20 min) Our Lady of Nourieh Convent
  • Byblos (Jbeil) (35 min) Castle ruins, historical souk, ancient churches
  • Jounieh (45 min) Grotto of Jeita
  • Beirut (1 hr)
  • Dair Ishaya, Kadisha Valley (30 min) (first printing press in Middle East)
  • Ehden (40 min) Restaurants, Horsh Ehden Nature Preserve, Cedars
  • Bcharre (40 min) Gebran Museum, Kadisha grotto
  • Cedars of Lebanon (45 min) Skiing, hiking, restaurants, picnicking
  • Akkar (30 min) Halba
  • Kammoua (45 min-1 hr) Black Corner
  • Baalbeck (2 hrs)
An interesting place where a generation would feel more comfortable. Old furniture youngsters won't enjoy much in my opinion. A project, as Ziad, the owner sees it, would become the talk of the region in just a few months. Enjoy the pictures for now, it might be your next destination sometime soon.
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