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Chekka, Anfeh, Koura, Amioun, Kousba... Beautiful Cities After the Tunnel

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Koura District (Arabicالكورة‎‎, from Greekχώρα, "country") is a district in the North GovernorateLebanon.

Koura is one of the 36 districts of Lebanon, particularly known for its olive tree cultivation and olive oilproduction. It comprises a total of 52 villages, and its capital and largest town is Amioun, with about 10,000 inhabitants as of 2010. The current head of the municipalities of Koura is Karim Elias Boukarim.

The district stretches from the Mediterranean sea up to Mount Lebanon, and comprises a series of foothills surrounding a low-lying plain where olive is cultivated. The olive orchards of Koura are among the most extensive in Lebanon. 60% of Koura's inhabitants belong to the Greek Orthodox confession, while the rest are split between MaronitesSunni MuslimsShia Muslims and a small Alawite minority. The University of Balamand is headquartered in the Koura District.


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