May 16, 2014 Lebanon Middle East

Have You Heard of the New Potato Pillows?

One of the great discoveries from Horeca 2014 was a special box of potatoes named The Potato Pillows. While walking along the aisles of the expo, a large poster made me stop and ask for more information. This new innovation is a puff potato called The Potato Pillows and was invented by a company called Magical Potato;a rectangular-shaped potato that puffs when fried to make French fries or chips and enjoyable for all.
Usually, this sort of thing looks good but doesn’t taste too good and they’re created to catch the attention of kids and cause a marketing buzz. These are different. I enjoyed them at Horeca and asked for a couple of boxes for more detailed research when I got back home
Rectangular shaped, the potatoes are sold half fried and soaked in oil. All you have to do is prepare a heated bath of oil and drop them in until golden colored. Empty on the inside, they contain less oil and less saturated fat than other frying options. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inner layers and complete empty in the middle, the potatoes taste like fries and feel like chips. An innovation that's enjoyable for kids or adults when served with a burger of a piece of meat.
How to do it:
  • Preheat oil to 180 degrees
  • Place the frozen potato slices into oil and fry for 30 seconds on eachside until they become golden
  • Do not over fry to maintain the crispness
Since they have a hollow bottom, the envelope might look transparent and oily. Be assured, that's simply a trick of the light. I enjoyed their lightness and interesting texture, which surely contains less oil than the normal Lebanese thick fries filled with condensed starch.
I'm not sure if they are already available in the market or where they can be bought, but following the following link will get you to the company's website. You can contact them for more info. Discovering such a thing made me proud of our local talent and industry that always works to position itself on the international map. I'd love to hear your opinion about them.
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