September 23, 2019 Germany Europe

Chicago Steakhouse: Excellent Meat But Not An Experience I’ll Repeat
Non-smokers friendly

It feels American! A bar, lots of wood, painted walls, buffalos, metal lights and wooden tables. Travel to the states and back while enjoying a piece of meat. Slow service like all the restaurants I’ve visited in Germany to date, we were dining alone and had to wait for twenty minutes to be served.


Bread, olive oil, salt, and butter while we waited for the food.

Meat for the kids, baked potato for me, mashed truffle potato for my wife. Food is as good as home food is, and the meat quality is excellent. Tender beef, salted to perfection, black on the outside with a strong flavor of grilling. The baked potato is good, as good as it should be, loaded with sour cream.


Other than slow service, food is as good as it should be: meat is very good... but unfortunately an average experience I’m not sure I’ll repeat.



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