December 24, 2015

Christmas in a Box: "THE BOX" Special Edition (Product Discontinued)

Who doesn't like surprises especially on Christmas? We sure do love them here at NoGarlicNoOnions… And to share the season’s joy further, here’s our Christmas surprise, a Box filled with Christmas goodies and treats carefully selected from all four corners of Lebanon, a country we believe in and love… a country we deem as the most beautiful on earth.

It’s the 24th and you’re planning for a nice Christmas Eve ahead. This limited edition of The Box has been compiled for the festive season. Oozing with positive Christmas vibes, the box is filled with handpicked festive bites and other goodies to add fun and taste to your Christmas Eve. It’s The Box, #TheDiscoveryBox… It’s #ChristmasinABox.

Tonight you’ll feast on some of the finest flavors out there, flavors I have personally tried, loved and enjoyed. Flavors produced by dedicated Lebanese artisans.

You won’t be able to find them easily on the market, so enjoy… Embrace every moment, every sip, and every bite… Embrace life and Lebanon’s finest…


Let’s start...

  • Open a bottle of wine. Not just any wine, but an exclusive 9-year-old bottle from Chateau Sanctus. This family-owned artisanal and boutique winery produces only 12,000 high quality organic wine a year, thus attention is given to the smallest detail involved in the art of winemaking. (Market Value LBP37,500)
  • Slice into this select Foie Gras, one I have been enjoying for the past three years with my family on this special evening. Thank’s to Prune Restaurant on Mar MIkhael for making this possible. Imported from France, you’ll experience Foie Gras that’s fresh, tasty and full of flavors, with no aftertaste and no lingering smell. Serve it with chutney and enjoy... Enjoy its finesse. (Market Value LBP20,000)
  • Yum. Our friends at Miel du Levant Honey have packed Eucalyptus Honey exclusively for NoGarlicNoOnions. You will now enjoy one of just 150 jars out there. Eucalyptus Honey is very distinct in taste and aroma, and hosts a number of health benefits. It is harvested during October at an altitude of 300 meters in the Akkar valley far from the city’s pollution. (Market Value LBP35,000)
  • During the last year, we have been working closely with Rural Delights Cooperative, a non-profit organization and the hub of a network of 42 women-owned agricultural and artisanal cooperatives. They strive to maintain the exquisite traditional food print of Lebanon by helping traditional producers become sellers by achieving high quality and production standards level. You have received more than 40 products from two dozens villages and have helped in supporting them. Fig Jam or the dried fruits mix as well as the dried mulberries are all the hard work of housewives and mothers carefully dedicating their time to produce a unique edible treat. (Market Value LBP31,000) 
  • It’s time for some chocolate. M de Noir, who else. The Christmas Box would not be complete without the creativity and exceptional flavors of Maya Kanaan. I have written a couple articles about her and have tried almost all her products. This Christmas she decided to share with you her magical ball. Enjoy chocolate like no other. (Market Value LBP12,000) 
  • After dinner, how about a sip of a local liqueur produced by one of the country’s oldest wineries. Domaine des Tourelles is known to produce Lebanon’s best Arak, fine wines and spirituals. Today, you have received one of two. Orangaline triple-sec: Charming liqueur with well-kept secret formula. It is made of fresh selected mandarin and orange peels macerated in grape’s alcohol. One of the specialties of the house, Oranjaline can be taken as a digestive or Brou de Noix: Made of fresh green walnuts delicately picked from Domaine des Tourelles’ private gardens and macerated in grape alcohol. It is a velvety chocolate-colored liqueur with hints of sweetness and a slight bitter finish. Serve them in the crunchy chocolate cups for more enjoyment. (Market Value LBP82,000) 
  • We have thought of your kids as well. A gingerbread model house made by the Daboussi Family that has taken dozens of hours to be made. Night and day, mother, father and kids have spent endless hours together to put a smile on your little ones faces. Each of the houses is covered with a variety of candies and icing. It’s a great addition to the dining table. (Market Value LBP45,000)
  • Now comes some kitchen and home time. It’s Christmas and you have helped kids with special needs continue their journey. Six towels to decorate your bathroom, handmade by the children of Wahat el Farah, Bkeftine, North Lebanon. (Market Value LBP30,000)
  • Now close your eyes and indulge… live the true experience of enjoyment. Put the truffle on your tongue and press it over your palate and let the explosion of flavors erupt in style… feel the richness of the chocolate while alcohol flavor caresses your mouth. These truffles are from Michl1 Boutique. Fady Rebeiz’s products have made it many times to our box and have impressed everyone. (Market Value LBP75,000) 
  • We even have something for you on Christmas morning. A Christmas fruit cake by Maguy Edde, the queen of deliciousness. Some may call it a cake, but I prefer to call it the ‘extravaganza dessert’. Open the wrap to discover something sticky topped with dried prunes, raisins and walnuts. The boost of aromas confirms the cake’s high alcohol content. Inside you’ll find a lot of dried fruits like apricots, dates, prunes and raisins, which make each, bite a colorful painting. So juicy and moist, the textures are awesome! (Market Value LBP35,000) 
  • With the fruitcake, sip on some of Lebanon’s best tea flavors by The Blue House. Enjoy an exclusive world of rare and authentic organic artisanal teas that have been handpicked by award winning international master blenders. Like the ancient Phoenicians, The Blue House travels the blue seas and explores the world to carefully select the best pure teas and most outstanding blends. And like the Phoenix, The Blue House revives age-old traditions by rekindling the refined pleasures of distinctive flavors. Based in Beirut, their philosophy is to bring you “tea as it should be”. In other words fresh top grade unscented organic artisanal teas. Each sip is a journey. (Market Value LBP18,000)
  • Pan de Jamon or ham bread is a typical Venezuelan Christmas Bread. The recipe was created on December of 1905 by Gustavo Ramella and was apparently only filled with ham. With time, many variations have been created and different ingredients have been added and slowly became a tradition during Christmas in Venezuela and now, thanks to Candice's Pastry, you get to taste it here in Lebanon. (Market Value LBP30,000) 
  • Maatouk is what real Lebanese coffee is all about… Why Maatouk? Well, here’s where history, tradition and expertise come together. It all starts with selecting the beans, appreciating and understanding their intrinsic value and unique character. Maatouk coffee offers you a fine private blend alongside an artisanal cup to enjoy the moment with every sip. A delicious mixture of the best 100% Arabica ground Brazilian beans, roasted on the right temperature to reveal the secrets lying beneath the taste of genuine coffee. A 50 year-story, endorsed by the founder… expect an experience in each sip!


Now that you have enough delicacies for the holidays with a value of LPB459,500 light up Roulixa’s candle, close your eyes, make a wish and make it happen in 2016. We at NoGarlicNoOnions would like to wish you all the happiest of Christmases.


Enjoy The Christmas Box and expect to enjoy even more hidden treasures in the New Year.





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