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Closing of LA PATISSERIE DES RÊVES: Goodbye to a Famous French Pastry Shop

La Patisserie Des Reves, a famous French pastry which expended to Milano, London, and Dubai, closed. On September 13, La Patisserie des Reves published on their facebook page the following message:

"Dear customers, dear friends, We regret to announce the dormancy of “La Patisserie des Reves”. We give up this race ahead of always higher stronger which certainly drives us daily, pushes us towards excellence, but alas we also forced to escalating prices, contrary to our values. The Pastry of Dreams may come back in another greedy format. Thank you to you for your immense confidence and your enthusiasm to discover our creations, thank you to all the collaborators who over the years have given their creative genius, their passion and especially their desire to share. (The Team of La Patisserie des Reves.)

The story started in 2009 by chef Philippe Conticini who left the pastry in 2016 and this was the start of the end. London closed, Dubai, Milan followed then came the turn of France.

I've been visiting since 2013, tried their locations in Paris as well as London and I remember writing: "La Pâtisserie des Rêves is true to its name, the pastry shop of dreams. It's like walking into a futuristic haven of sweets and colors. The presentation, the refrigerated pieces of slate among other design details is a delight for the eyes offering a 360° experience. The best part is that you can take your time to admire every piece. You are encouraged to come closer, something frowned upon in other pastry stores."

The innovation, the display and packaging details experienced at La Patisserie des Reves are outstanding. You would expect to pay a hefty amount when you walk in, but the truth is far from it. An average of 5,5euros a cake is exactly the same as the competition. But the service and presentation are way ahead of the competition. Every piece of cake is sturdily placed on a soft layer of foam inside each carton then inserted into the box that's drawer style concept. Expect to see something truly dainty and beautiful. After all, the culinary experience starts with the fulfillment of the eyes that need to see the piece with it utmost perfection. The napkins are also unique. Square and silk soft these napkins are small pieces of luxury. Everything is carefully packed in a bag and served with wooden forks/spoons. All these details must have cost them a lot.


The pieces were unique. Who they wrapped the eclair with chocolate, the famous St Honore. The eclair is breathtaking. This cake made me moan, it was an orgasmic cake with a thin layer of crunchy chocolate that’s intense in taste. The real enjoyment of light and tender dough with a heart of chocolate cream. Oh my God, it's one of the finest eclairs I've ever had. And the St. Honore, one side is made of pastry cream and another of thick fresh cream and flaky pastry dough. I loved the textures and the wrapped sugar around the mini choux a la creme.

The chef left and the company collapsed. This is his new account on Instagram.





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