November 29, 2018 Zahle Bekaa Lebanon Middle East

Clement: Passionately Handmade Artisanal Bread from Zahle

“Clément” is about gourmet food that represents the values of know-how, excellence, and French art-de-vivre.


When Clement and Marc Tannouri gather around their common passion for French cuisine, they form a complementary, singular and talented duo. These two brothers, who have different but astonishing career paths, grew up in Lyon. It is therefore no coincidence that they have been fascinated by one of the most famous chefs in the world: Paul Bocuse. Both will enroll at the prestigious Institute founded by the man who was named "Chef of the Century". Trained by the best and most demanding chefs, Marc and Clément are about to share with us recipes / dishes rich in tradition and panache.


Following our common passion for French gastronomy, we both attended training programs at the prestigious Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon where we learned the secrets of traditional French cuisine. A significant and inspiring experience that led us to create our brand, tinged with childhood souvenirs. Indeed, having grown up in France, our first flavored - and lasting memories are those of freshly baked pains au chocolate and crusty baguettes. Today, We would like to share with you those delicious smells and appetizing goodies through our collection of bakery, pastry and confectionary products.

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