November 03, 2014

Coffee has New Flavors: Hazelnut Dessert, Chocolate Mint, Apple Crumble

As part of the quest to continually surprise and delight with extraordinary coffee experiences, Nespresso tempted its Facebook fans across the globe with five new indulgent aromas and asked them to comment on their favourite.



The three most popular are now making their debut this November as the new Limited Edition Variations Grands Crus - Hazelnut Dessert, Chocolate Mint, Apple Crumble. With these new Limited Edition Grands Crus, Nespresso has combined coffee with innovative aromas to create exceptional moments of pleasure. The sublime partnership of the balanced and rounded Livanto Grand Cru combined with the flavours of some of the world’s most indulgent desserts is truly a match made in heaven.

  • Hazelnut Dessert: A Tasteful Delight

Paired with the sweet caramel notes of Livanto Grand Cru, the hazelnut aromas will remind you of homemade shortbread cookies.

  • Chocolate Mint: a Luxurious Treat

An exquisite marriage of the fragrant roasted Livanto Grand Cru with the delectable flavours of dark chocolate and refreshing mint: a must for discerning palates.

  • Apple Crumble: Traditional Fruitfulness

A balanced harmony between baked apple flavours and biscuit notes of a crumble highlights the roasted notes of Livanto Grand Cru to evoke a freshly baked apple crumble.

Flavored coffee Nespresso

The Variations Grands Crus are best served alone as a 40ml espresso and each of the Variations has an intensity level of six on a scale of one-to–ten. But the gourmand experience doesn’t need to stop there as adding milk will bring an extra touch of refinement, transforming the Variations into an exquisite coffee moment.





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