October 03, 2015 Batroun North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Come Join the Fun in Batroun...this Weekend

Let me tell you something NGNO'esrs, Batroun is one of my all time favorite coastal Lebanese cities today. I have recently discovered this Northern gem and fell in love with its energy, its positive vibes and its outstandingly friendly and generous people... I would love for you to discover it the way I have... Here's your chance... 

If you're looking for something fun to do this weekend then we have the answer... Head up to Batroun and enjoy a first of its kind event Craft Beer & Street Food Festival 2015 - a joined collaboration between Colonel Beer and NoGarlicNoOnions.

Not only will you enjoy the city's vibes, you'll get to enjoy good food, good beer and great fun... with friends, family including your little ones... OK, no beer for them, but be sure there's something delicious for them to enjoy and quench their thirst... 

The event kicked off on October 2, packed with people, over a thousand people showed up including a big number of tourists... It was a true celebration of food. Every time I think I have seen it all... and have experienced the fun spirit of the Lebanese, I stand to be corrected yet another time. 

The place was packed. People even sat on the floor to enjoy 13 food stands, 10 different kinds of beer and 4 bands playing live.

Fun and beer games enjoyed, prizes were won and good street food were devoured... including seafood, burgers, tacos, sausages, burritos, seafood, smoked pork, BBQ,  sweets, ice cream... and so much more. More so live performances by some of Lebanon's most amazing talents...

What are you waiting for... Drive up to Colonel Beer Brewery where doors will open today October 3 at 12pm with more fun, food, beer , music and games awaits... We are also there on Sunday October 4 starting 12pm.
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