September 01, 2017 Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

Souk el Akel Tabarja-Kfaryassine: See You at the Beach!

The view of the sunset alone is enough to make you want to visit Souk el Akel in Tabarja-Kfaryassine... Grab a bite from any of Souk el Akel's unique food vendors, pass by the bar for a drink and sit and gaze into the sunset like there's no tomorrow. Of course during the day, the excitement is on with wild activities set for an all day fun by the seashores of beautiful Lebanon... Jet skiing, bungee, Pedalos...


It's a FREE ENTRANCE event by the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean.

Tabarja is a coastal town in Lebanon, situated in Kesrouan, 56 kilometers north of Beirut. Tabarja's name is possibly a corruption of the Greek, ΠΕΡΙΦΕΡΕΙΑ (PERIF-ER-YA), which means "district headquarters" and was once home to an ancient castle and port which have since been lost to modern development (though artifacts, such as Phoenician burial pots, were recovered by private collectors in the early 20th century during said modern construction). However, the name of the settlement is more likely to be related to the Persian word "Tub" or "طب", meaning medicine, due to a local cave reputed to be sacred. Currently, Tabarja is a village that's faltering economy is mostly based in the hospitality industry, standing host to a variety of resorts, restaurants and seaside attractions as well as unique architecture dating back centuries.


Kfar Yassine is a village in the Keserwan District of the Mount Lebanon Governorate in Lebanon. It is part of the municipality of Tabarja-KfarYassine. The municipality is located 24 kilometers north of Beirut. Its average elevation is 10 meters above sea level and its total land area is 456 hectares.


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