October 24, 2013

Compact One Person Cooker

If you live alone or have an ultra-compact kitchen, S.I.A.M. is the single person kitchen: a built-in hood and induction cooker that folds when not in use, and is automatically turned on and off by opening and closing the lid. 
It is simple and very user-friendly. It’s basically a built-in hood and induction cooker. It allows you to prepare dishes that require stir-frying and you can only prepare one thing at a time because of the dimensions. Circular and minimalist-looking, S.I.A.M. also has a very practical design.
When you’re not using it, you can fold up the cooker. This way it basically frees up valuable space. Another great thing about it is that you mount it on a wall anywhere you want so you can basically choose any little corner or free space you have in the kitchen. When you fold up the cooker, it switches off automatically so the risk of accidents becomes minimal.
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