April 13, 2019 Gemmayze & Mar Mikhael Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Cortado: Your Espresso Bar and Desserts Parlor
Coffee Talk

I believe the first hundred meters of Gemmayze are tuning into “Asia Town” while the end from St.Nicolas stairs onward is becoming a destination for coffee lovers. Cortado is one of many signature coffee shops which had open in Lebanon the last year or so. 


It has become a trend; friends are partnering to open coffee shops, casual cafes playing good music and serving good craft coffee.

Sitting on the sidewalk in Gemmayze facing Phil&Joe and the Red Cross, I let myself and body feel Beirut’s vibes. Beirut, my Beirut, PARIS of the east. Cars, traffic, people walking, smiles, laughs; a vibrant city.


Cortado is one small espresso bar serving coffee and several desserts; good quality desserts, good chocolate, Japanese jiggly cheesecake, chocolate cookies and much more.


I like it how Beirut is evolving; new coffee bars are a big part of it.

Suitable For: Coffee Talk


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