February 03, 2017 USA Americas

Cross Grain Brewhouse: Oklahoma Airport
Non-smokers friendly

How awesome it is to enjoy a nice fully fledged restaurant at a reasonable price, before taking off. Cross Grain Brewhouse is a restaurant at the airport that offers a wide selection of local and international beers, a local IPA that's so fruity and so bitter like none I've had before, alongside a real menu that serves burgers and sandwiches as well as salads and flat breads.


High tables, a bar, sports playing on the screens, draft beer dispensers, leather sofas and wooden chairs... a restaurant with a view onto the tarmac runway.

Beers, wines, starters, flat breads, salads, sandwiches, burgers, cocktails and sodas.

I've had the Double Brew Meister burger which comes with double quarter pound ground chuck, double cheddar, grilled jalapeño butter lettuce, tomato and fresh jalapeño aioli. The roasted Brussel sprouts with crispy bacon and mustard cream. The grilled skirt steak salad, aragula, brie cheese, caramelized onions, roasted red pepper, chimichurri, rustic roll, CG chips.

The IPA beer is intense; lightly colored, a golden robe, balanced bubbles, a long lasting after note of fruits and hops which give a very prominent bitterness.

Let's eat:

  • A casserole in which Brussel sprouts are cooked with bacon, slices of bell pepper in their juice and topped with mustard. Tender veggies, crunchy bacon and the mustard, that mustard that makes all the difference. Simple yet yummy.
  • The steak sandwich is a tender rectangular sandwich with thick chunks of meat, roquette leaves, juicy tomatoes and lots of sauce. A good sandwich I enjoyed; added mustard and doubled the pleasure.
  • Double Brew Meister is a good burger indeed! Two thick patties, grilled to perfection, not fatty but left to dry while keeping the enjoyment. Very good meat, two patties with a charcoal taste, thick and juicy, two slices of cheese and some mayo. I felt like it needed some ketchup so I added mustard and doubled the pleasure. I wasn't expecting it to be that good at all. It comes with homemade crunchy chips which I recommend as well.


I even had another beer, the local blond, yellow in color, with a strong and enjoyable bitterness, fresh aromas and a feeling of lightness. They do have good beers here!

The minus:

A professional and gentle waiter, but this poor man cannot take care of the restaurant on his own. More staff needed.

The dessert cookie is the cherry on top, best for last, an awesome cookie baked in a hot pot and served fresh and super hot. OMG! I loved it! A soft and super moist cookie with a light and crunchy crust and molten chocolate chips within.


My trip to the US ended with this lovely experience. 





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