November 14, 2023

Culture and Art: Lebanon is a nominee for the Global Youth Awards in London

The jury of the award’s organizing committee announced the selection of the Lebanese “Tiro Association for Arts” as one of the finalists for the Global Youth Awards for the category of creativity, subcategorized under leadership, in London for this year.

The Global Youth Awards are an annual event that aims to celebrate young people around the world who are working on projects for change and show leadership or innovation within the framework of the goals of empowerment, education, environment, and creativity. Note that this year's nominations are from 70 different countries. As for the awards, they will be distributed at the ceremony in Troxy, London, and broadcast live on November 18th from 6 to 10 p.m. GMT, at which the winners will be announced live at the ceremony.

The actor, director, and founder of the Lebanese National Theater, Kassem Istanbouli, confirmed "the importance of Lebanon's nomination for this award and access to the finale. Despite all the difficult circumstances that Lebanon and the region are witnessing, we must continue our work in order for art to be a right for all and for the arts to contribute to the rapprochement between people through a human language that brings us together.”


Moreover, the Tiro Association for Arts (TAA), which is led by youth and volunteers, aims to establish free and independent cultural forums in Lebanon. That is, by renovating Al Hamra and Stars Cinema in Nabatieh and Rivoli Cinema in Tyre, which became the Lebanese National Theater, the first free theater and cinema in Lebanon, as well as Empire Cinema in Tripoli, which became the Lebanese National Theater in that city. TAA also implements artistic training workshops for children, youth, and people with special needs; screens movies for the blind and deaf so that art is a right to all; opens and renovates cultural forums; and organizes festivals, activities, and artistic exhibitions. In addition to this, the association screens artistic and educational movies for children and youth and works on maintaining partnerships with international festivals, as well as granting young directors the opportunity to screen their movies and letting people get acquainted with the history of cinema and local and international performances. The Lebanese International Theater Festival, the Watch Lebanon in Mobile Cinema Festival, the Tripoli International Theater Festival, the Tyre International Music Festival, the Lebanese International Theater Festival for Storytelling, the Tyre International Short Film Festival, the Tyre International Fine Arts Festival, the Tyre Cultural Days Festival, the Lebanese International Theater Festival for Women’s Monodrama, the Lebanese International Theater Festival for Contemporary Dance, the Tiro International Arts Festival, and the Lebanese Epic Theater Festival are among the festivals that TAA implements.

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