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Delta Business Class Rocks; Flying Boeing 767 for the First Time
Non-smokers friendly

Delta masters perfection more than any airline I’ve been on in the western world. It’s about the cleanliness, the Smile, the welcoming, the upscale business lounge, the upgraded they do filling up their business class and most importantly WiFi onboard. Delta is much more than that to me, it’s the leather seat, the Tumi amenities bag, the entertainment choice and tasty food. It’s my second time on a business class flight and I love it even more!


The 767 is not different from any other airline other than being new. I personally know the aircraft from its Sharbel cabin line and bigger windows than old 777 aircrafts. 

On this flight departing to New York from San Francisco, they call the cabin “First Class” made of individual sofa beds each with its 15 inch screen, tablet and side table, a usb and another electricity plug, with enough room under the seat in front of you to sleep completely.

The great news is that Delta opened free messaging to al its guests up in the air. Connect your phone and use WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook messenger. Subscribe and have an open connection.

And here is where the journey starts. A classy menu is distributed to first class passengers, a soft menu like gourmet restaurants printed in full color. It’s called Delta One, for first or premium. Start by the introduction followed by the signature cocktail, the “Settling In” page. The Delta Sunrise featuring Bombay Sapphire Gin with cranberry juice and a splash of ginger ale. The drink is distributed with premium nuts, warmed and salted for your ultimate enjoyment; cashews, pecans, almonds and pistachio.


Breakfast proposed onboard this morning:

  • Smoked Salmon with caper red onion relish
  • Fresh fruit plate with cinnamon honey yogurt dipping sauce
  • Assorted breakfast bread and preserves
  • One of the three options: Creamy creole omelet with Swiss cheese, chicken chorizo, roasted red peppers and red onions. Lemon ricotta pancakes with maple syrup. Fruit and nut granola.

With that choose from a full selection of drinks and five wines carefully chosen by master sommelier Andrea Robinson.

When you experience me all of the above, you expect to eat food! Unfortunately the food and tray are way below expectations. On a PLAST tray looking like ones at Mc.Donald’s comes the food. Very hard and chewy bread because of the microwave heating and salmon smelling onions. I was so excited to taste the ricotta pancakes which turned out to be simple bready pancakes that are chewy with no cheese felt in them. Other than the attentive service, the wine carafe handed to every wine drinker and the smiley staff, I honestly didn’t enjoy my meal.


The rituals: 

  • Arefreshing hot wet napkin immediately after take-off
  • Water bottles every hour
  • A snack along the way
  • Mint chocolate before landing 

A real pillow and a real thick bed cover, I enjoyed an hour sleep before landing. I love this airline hoping to have the chance to experience it more in our part of the world.





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