September 10, 2013

The Desigual Cups Collection from Bitossi

Have you ever been to a party and misplaced your cup of beverage ? You could have sworn you laid it down at your table, but there are several glasses, all identical lying next to each other. So instead of taking your chances, you have to go and dirty up another cup. The Desigual Collection from Bitossi, is a new design to rid us of worries from drinking from someone else’s cup.
Diseguale collection
With a design that gives every glass a different colour and shape, there's one question that you will never ask : which one is mine? No two cups will be alike. You can always know exactly where your cup is without question.
The Desigual range will bring any room together; different shades and shapes that will add a modern but still classical look to your table set up.
This is what I call timeless style!
Available at "Les Maitres Du Desordre", Mazraat Yachouh, Metn, Lebanon
Categories: Food Gadgets


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