June 17, 2018 Bekaa Lebanon Middle East

Domaine de Taanayel: A Piece of Heaven in the Bekaa
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In 2009 the Domaine de Taanayel and arcenciel signed a long-term partnership deal of which the mission is to enhance the environment for social work services. The objective is to make the Domaine an agricultural center and the main tourist attraction with innovative activities.

Under this context, at Taanayel, one form of participation in sustainable development is articulated at the Ecolodge and the Khan which are coupled in the field, where discovery and awareness activities are organized for everyone.

arcenciel defines and develops its touristic activity according to three main criteria:

  • The promotion of responsible tourism through sustainable tourism activities that meet the region’s host specificities.
  • Improving the socio-economic situation in the peripheral regions of Lebanon
  • The protection and development of the natural and cultural heritage of Lebanon


In November 2015, the Domaine de Taanayel welcomed 117,000 visitors. Given the success of this activity and its social and cultural impact, arcenciel develops new projects and pursues the revival of the Domaine through:

  • The rehabilitation of the forest and 2.5km hiking trails
  • The inauguration of two new lakes that provide better water management for crop irrigation and aesthetic spaces for recreation
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