November 05, 2013

Finally: New Musical and Dancing Security Rules Onboard Airplanes

Finally, something new and fresh to watch while flying... I hope the MEA and other airlines catch up with the trend soon. Only a few days ago I wrote, well actually complained, about how boring and annoying the safety and aircraft regulation messages and how most of us don't even listen to what they are saying and often times switch off when they start...

Virgin America video features 36 singers and dancers and 14 dance styles over five minutes. It's like watching an episode of Glee... Fun, music, colors... they will definitely grab the attention of all passengers, big and small, to watch the safety video- that mixes aircraft regulations with robot rap, contortionists and a nun and great music.
The U.S. airline has something of fun streak with their safety video, with their last one, a cheeky animated flick released back in 2007, being the first for any airline according to Virgin America.


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