March 20, 2013

Happy Macaron Day! Celebrate the Colors of Spring

Happy Macaron Day! Macaron Day March 20, was founded in France, Le Jour du Macaron, by Pierre Hermé years ago. It’s a day to celebrate the colors of spring with a bright palette of treats. Macaron Day happens in different parts of the world...


A macaron is a classic French cookie. The soft, crunchy, delicate shell is made from almond flour, sugar and egg whites, sandwiching a smooth layer of creamy ganache. Macarons come in an assortment of colors and flavors. They are best enjoyed one leisurely bite at a time. Macaron Day combines French macarons and good causes. The international event was created five years ago by the esteemed Relais Desserts International Association to raise awareness and funds for charity.


Today, cities including Paris, Toronto and New York and more each have their own version - Let's work on one for Beirut!    

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