September 22, 2014

Download The "Hunger" Wallpaper

Every Monday while driving to work, lately, I recieve an interesting email from Feer McQueen containing a free new wallpaper that can be downloaded on your laptops, phones or iPads.... I have been happily updating my wallpaper... It makes me love my computer more, giving it a new look each week. Feer McQueen, with whom I have given a seminar about Blogging a few weeks back surprised me today by sending an interesting image called "Hunger", designed by Larissa Younes. The composition will interest you dear foodies, plus its a good message to spread...

Feel free to download the "Hunger wallpaper".

Hunger Wallpaper

by Ms. Larissa Younes

Download the wallpaper for free

Hunger FMQ-Sepw4-hunger-laptop-1280x800

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