December 19, 2014 Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Dulce n' Banana: Orgasmic Chocolate Truffles

The same feeling comes along every time I receive something new to taste: What should I expect? Will it be good? How would I handle this product? Believe me, I'm rarely impressed. 


Today, I received a glass jar, not any glass jar but one that's funky and cool looking. A glass jar that's wrapped with a red ribbon and filled with black, chocolate balls... Could anyone in Lebanon actually offer the real taste and flavor of soft truffles for Christmas?

Truffles are my weakness. Not just any truffle, not those hard round chocolate bites they call truffles filled with butter... but the real ones, tender and soft, melting under the palate without any effort... Today, I'm happy to say, I received something unique.

Dulce n' Banana, a homemade-style bakery, has been on the Internet for some time now, offering a selection of sweets like cupcakes and designer cakes, as well as chocolate truffles as specials for the Christmas season.

Inside the jar, 16 balls sit waiting to be devoured. 16 pieces of wonder, each handcrafted to perfection with the utmost care and attention to detail. A crispy border wrapped around a moist, condensed heart of dark chocolate. Lindt dark chocolate blended with orange zest and Black Label whisky. Unfortunately, the ingredients aren't written anywhere, so you'll have to concentrate to realize what they are.

Close your eyes and live the experience. Put the truffle on your tongue and press it over your palate, letting an explosion of flavors erupt in style. How enjoyable it is to feel the richness of the chocolate while the alcohol flavor starts caressing your mucosa. As an after note you get orange zest and cocoa powder... Amazing!


I've had one... I waited and tried to avoid tasting a second... A long lasting after note forced me to bite into the third... And the fourth was inevitable. 

I'm rarely impressed but these are different, they're uniquely tasty with a certain finesse that matches international standards.

Very important and missing: I'll ask them to add a descriptive label, an expiry date, information on how to conserve them and their ingredients.


Dulce n' Banana (+961 3 360 141) sells jars for $20 each and deliver in the Metn area with no minimum order value. I'd ask for one today if I were you.





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