February 11, 2014 Lebanon Middle East

Dunkin' Donuts Celebrates Valentines the Chocolate Way

For Valentines, Dunkin' Donuts introduced a few new items into their menu to celebrate the love season. "The Chocolate Lover's Heart Donut is a heart-shaped donut filled with rich, indulgent raspberry filling, topped with chocolate icing and white sprinkles. Dunkin' Donuts' Dark Chocolate Mocha Latte, available hot or iced, features espresso derived from high-quality coffee beans, steamed milk and rich dark chocolate flavor, topped with a mocha drizzle. These new menu items are the perfect way to celebrate one of the world's favorite flavors, chocolate." Following the hype over the net, the competition and photos released, I felt like trying the latest innovations at Dunkin' Donuts. Dunkin_Donuts_Valentine_Heart_Chocolate18 It was 9am when I met Joseph, a friend of mine for a coffee at Dunkin' Donuts on Zalka Highway. As soon as I arrived, I was taken back in time, to my teenage years. I remembered when this famous coffee place opened more than a decade ago with a small space. With time, the shop grew bigger until Hady Beydoun, tattoo artist, took over one of its walls with his beautiful graffiti. I spent long hours at Dunkin' Donuts, sometimes to study and other times to mingle. I used to arrive at 7am sharp - just in time to see the croissant come out of the oven. I used to enjoy their croissants - soft and tender, buttery and rich. I ate them hot was a great way to start the day. Dunkin_Donuts_Valentine_Heart_Chocolate13 As soon as I reached in my car, Habib took the car and parked it with its front facing the highway. Inside the shop is a large colorful space and high ceiling. The colors are different than the last time I was here. What catches your attention as you walk in is the large display of donuts; 36 trays filled with different colors and shapes including their most popular donut, Boston Cream, as well as the glazed donut. One mocha latte, one frozen mocha latte and two heart shaped donuts, please. Dunkin_Donuts_Valentine_Heart_Chocolate23 The medium sized mocha costs 7,000L.L, a bit too much for a Dunkin' coffee isn't it? The content is rich in milk and coffee with notes of dark chocolate aftertaste. The iced one, on another hand, is lighter and smoother with the same interesting dark chocolate notes. It's better since it has less milk. The mocha latte is a tasty drink but I wouldn't have it daily. As for the iced one, I suggest they consider keeping it on the menu permanently. Let's try the Heart Shaped Donut: The Lebanese version is different than the one that was launched in Europe. The inner dark chocolate filling has been replaced with raspberry jam. As you bite into it, you'll immediately notice a thick condensed bun that's a bit chewier than it should be. For me, a donut should be fluffy, airy and feeling light despite the fact that it is fried. Before reaching the inner filling, you'll have to experience the feeling of very thick dough. This feeling sort of blocks what comes next. The interesting part of this donut is the nice jam filling as well as the thick dark chocolate icing covering each piece that's tasty, not too sweet and gas a fine bitter aftertaste. In my opinion, this donut needs more yeast that will create more bubbles inside the dough. But I must admit that my two all time favorites are still their Boston Kreme - a donut with chocolate frosting and creamy vanilla flavored custard filling, as well as their Double Chocolate that's worth the 310 calories. Valentine is a couple of days away, so you still have time to try these bites while quantities last. PS: Was shocked to see people smoking inside! Why?





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