May 13, 2018 Lebanon Middle East

Dunkin’ Donuts Lebanon Wraps up Successful Streetball Challenge

Over the past weekend, Lebanon witnessed one of its biggest ever Streetball events, The Dunkin’ Happiness Street Ball Challenge 2018, in line with Dunkin’ Donuts Lebanon’s ongoing 20th-anniversary celebrations.


The highly anticipated event fronted by Lebanese basketball legend Fadi Khatib brought together 61 male and female teams, split into two categories: Adults and U18, in a spectacular 12-hour sporting festival.

With great music around-the-clock and commendable fair play by all joining teams throughout the tournament, the atmosphere was truly beyond expectation!

Participants received special kits including branded T-shirts, pens, stress balls and bracelets and everyone’s energy was fueled by Dunkin’s freshly brewed coffee and signature donuts/ munchkins alongside a panoply of special edition Coolattas and Ice-Cream.

Dunkin’ Donuts was ultimately able to pull off a great day for the basketball community with 12 hours of non-stop fun, sportsmanship and cheer, featuring a special 3-point shooting contest.

In the grand finale, the winning team in the Male Adults category went on to play against Fadi El Khatib’s Dream Team in a thrilling face-off. All winners left with a Trophy and a set of prizes from Dunkin’ Donuts, Champs and Vitamin 1.


Below are the winners per category:

U18-Male: 500$ from DD & Basketball Training Session from Champs

Ma Temzah Team:
Saimen Dargham
Samer Khoueiry
Paolo Bedikian

U18-Femaile: 500$ from DD & Basketball Training Session from Champs

Dunking Donuts Team:
Roba Baidoun
Mira Awar
Zeina Noureddine
Yasmine Abdelali

Adults-Male:1000$ from DD, 100$ from Vitamin 1 Drink & a Gym Membership from Champs

Ballers Team:
Ahmad Iskandari
Wissam Fares
Moussa Al Khatib
Daniel Baghdadian

Adults-Female: 1000$ from DD, 100$ from Vitamin 1 Drink & a Gym Membership from Champs

Tone Team:
Shirine Al Sharif
Stephanie Aboud
Meghry Torossian
Miramar Mokdad

3-Points: 250$ from DD, Basketball Training Session from Champs

Youssef Kammourieh


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